upsnotice-174x140.gif.pngUPS MY CHOICE

UPS now makes delivering packages to you, when you want them, easier than ever with UPS MY CHOICE!


This new program allows you to easily change the delivery address of your package(s), sign up for text alerts and also alerts you the day before your package will be arriving. wants our customers to be able to control their package(s) delivery more flexibly. We believe that UPS My Choice can help us do that! If you are running late from an errand or just unable to make it to the packages destination on time to receive it, you can change the delivery date by just becoming a member of My Choice.

The FREE MEMBERSHIP gives you the ability to authorize the release of package and receive text alerts for FREE. To reroute a package or reschedule a delivery, a fee of $5 is charged.

  •  If you would like to Receive Text Messages of your packages progress,
  • If you would like to Change the Delivery Address for your package,
  • If you would like to Reschedule The Delivery of your package for a different day than the current expected delivery date,
  • If you would like to have your Package Held at a UPS Store


By going to many features and options will become available to you regarding your package(s). is not responsible for any charges that may occur due to preferences chosen on MY CHOICE.

We only want to make receiving your package as painless as possible. Please let us know what you think:










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