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5.00 LBS
Access Methods:
Fingerprint, PIN, Card
Card Access:
13.56 MHz Mifare
User Capacity:
IP Enabled:
Log Capacity:
1GB Flash + 256MB Ram
Network Interface:
TCP/IP, RS485, Wireless
Wiegand Output:
1 channel (input/output switchable)
Internal Relay:
Sound and Interface:
Multi-color LED and audible alerts
Operating Voltage:
120V DC
148 x 204 x 48
Operating Temperature:
-4F to 122F
Built-In POE:
Weather Proof:
IP 65:

Product Overview


  • Vibrant Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Dual Fingerprint Technology
  • Up to 200,000 Users
  • Fingerprint, PIN, Fingerprint + PIN, Fingerprint + Facial Recognition, Card + Fingerprint, Card + PIN access methods
  • Video-Phone Interface
  • Embedded Web Server

The Suprema D-Station represents a great leap forward in biometric technology. The perfect blend of face recognition with Dual-finger Technology based on sophisticated 'Fusion Biometrics' algorithm provides incredible accuracy and speed that no other biometric devices have ever achieved. Its powerful Tri-CPU engine ensures seamless operation of innovative features, and the ultra-wide touch screen LCD with intuitive GUI makes it extremely easy to use for both system administrators and everyday users. D-Station is not just the best of the breed; it's a whole new generation of biometric security.

The D-Station offers multiple modes depending on what most suits your needs. There is the Fusion mode, with concentration on extreme accuracy. In this mode, Suprema's unique Multi-Biometric Fusion Technology incorporates face and dual-fingerprint recognition technology. It is recommended to minimize authentication failure rate and enhance user convenience. The D-Station also offers fast mode, when speed is of most importance. The fast mode provides unprecedented speed in single fingerprint authentication. The last mode the D-Station provides is twin mode for enhanced usability. Twin mode is very beneficial during times of high attendance check in, such as shift changes. It allows speedy check-in by simultaneously processing two independent fingerprint inputs in a single device so two lines of users can use one sensor each.

This access control system offers multiple advantageous features. It is powered by a Tri-CPU system which allows the D-Station to boost the speed of matching large-scale biometric data. It also has a 5.0" WVGA touch screen LCD, which was designed to provide extreme usability and precision for secure biometric access control to high-traffic time attendance systems. The PoE feature ensures simpler wiring and lower installation cost. Also, users can choose to hook up the D-Station with WiFi interface to enjoy benefits of faster installation with significant labor reduction. The device can record and match biometric & non-biometric inputs from users with its face recognition camera, fingerprint sensors, on-screen keypad (PIN) and/or RF card reader. The built-in megapixel camera allows the D-Station to be used as a video door phone and display customized messages to the users. There is a high precision motion detection sensor: the accelerometer to detect shock by tamper or vandalism. Also, the D-Station incorporates an internal RF card reader which can read both ISO14443 Type A and Type B cards. Obviously, the D-Station has a generous amount of appealing components. To learn more about what access control is, please click here.

Application Time Attendance Access Control

Optical x 2

Face recognition camera

Matching Speed (1:N) 1:10,000
Card Options 13.56MHz, ISO14443 A/B
Template Capacity

Finger: 400,000 (1:1)

            20,000 (1:N)

Face: 30,000*

2 fingerprint templates per user & 3 face templates per user

Max. User 200,000
Log Capacity 1,000,000
Communication Interfaces


2ch RS 485, RS 232

USB (Slave)    

Wiegand In & Out
TTL I/O 4 Input
Built-in Relay 2
Memory Slot USB Host, SD card

667MHz RISC x 1; 400MHz DSP x 2

Memory 1GB flash + 128MB RAM (with SD card slot)    
LCD Display

5.0"WVGA touch screen

LED Indicator Multi-color x 2
Sound Indication 16-bit Hi-Fi sound
Voice Instruction 16-bit Hi-Fi sound
Operating Temperature -20 - 50 C
Tamper Accelerometer, switch
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm)             148 x 204 x 48




The BioMini Remote Registration allows users to be registered at any Windows based PC.  This device is useful with multiple access points or site locations.

MSRP: $249


BioStar Software

The BioStar Software enables the ability to have user management, door management, reporting and has complete time and attendance features.

MSRP: Lite Version included with purchase


Secure I/O

Used with Suprema Products, the Secure IO is an accessory device which is primarily used to prevent forced entry.  By locating the relay that unlocks the door inside the secured area, the Secure IO can prevent “hot wiring” of the lock.  Additional IO functionality includes four assignable inputs for use with alarm disconnects, alarm/tamper triggers, Request-to-Exits and more!  We strongly recommend this option for all high security areas.

MSRP: $149


Complete Door Hardware

One-Stop-Shop for complete door hardware solutions. Options ranging from Strikes to Mags depending on the solution for your door access.  Used in conjunction with Access Control products. 

MSRP: ranges on solution

Product Videos


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