ReliTouch RT

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ReliTouch RT
12.00 LBS
Unlocking Methods:
Fingerprint, Pin Code, and Mechanical Key
Latch Style:
Fingerprint User Capacity:
1,000 fingerprint users (3 fingerprints per user)
Password Capacity:
1,100 pin code users (any PIN-code length per user)
Password Length:
4-10 digits
Working Temperature:
-40°F / 150°F
Door Thickness:
1 1/2" to 2"
Reversible Handle:
Audit Trail Capable:
Additional Audit Trail Software Available

Product Overview


Business and Home Keyless Entry System



Replaced the LC200

  • Impact Alarm
  • Fingerprint, Pin, or Pin + Fingerprint Access Methods
  • ALL Weather Fingerprint Lock with Ansi 2 Single Latch
  • ADA Reversible Compliant Handle
  • User Management and Audit Trail

The ReliTouch RT-201 is the most advanced and feature rich fingerprint door lock available on the market today. The ReliTouch provides the unparalleled security and user management once only available to high priced access control devices. These features make it a perfect security product for small businesses and many other corporate environments. What makes this unique state of the art biometric lock so versatile is even though it has the muscle to be a superior corporate security solution; it has the aesthetic beauty to be used on residential properties as well. The lock allows for fingerprint access, personal code access or a combination of both, if desired. The ReliTouch utilizes an ANSI grade UL fire rated single latch locking design, which maximizes security with ease of installation. Constructed with a rugged all-metal lock body, the ReliTouch is perfectly adaptable to indoor or outdoor installations. If biometric access control with advanced user management, coupled with the ease of wire-free installation is the goal, then the ReliTouch RT-201 is the answer!

The commercial applications of the biometric devices are immensely varied. The ReliTouch can be deployed to secure server and records rooms. It can be used as the primary security point on the exterior door of a business. The ReliTouch locks are much more advanced than a simple biometric door lock due to its ability to be controlled from one central computer. Though the ReliTouch is perfectly suited to work as a “stand-alone” unit, most owners incorporate the lock with one of our user management software kits. The kits come with the necessary software program for the control PC. It also comes with a USB fingerprint scanner that works as a remote registration device. Once the program is installed you can set up 1 to over 50 locks on the system. Once the locks have been established on the control computer, they can all be managed by the simple click of a button. New users can be enrolled right on the Admin’s PC and all their data stored on board. Using the included USB Thumb-Drive, an admin can easily transfer user information between the PC and the locks just by simply plugging the drive into each ReliTouch. This allows the admin to set up access schedules by date & time, to track user time & attendance and to easily activate/deactivate users.

The rugged good looks of the lock allow it to be used on smaller residential or rental type of properties. The design of the ReliTouch features convenient reversible ADA & HIPAA compliant handles. If the lock needs to be installed on a different door in the future there is no worry that the handedness will be incorrect. The ReliTouch also features a specially engineered removable keyway. This allows an owner the ability to take the unit to a local locksmith & get all their ReliTouch’s fitted with matching keyways. The lock runs on 4 AA batteries and even has an emergency 9volt plugin on the base of the front lock body. These sophisticated biometric locks can even be wired to a building’s main power like an access control panel. The ReliTouch has proven itself the perfect biometric control solution for medical clinics, manufacturing facilities, private airport hangars, tanning salons & 24/7 fitness centers. Whatever your biometric security needs, the ReliTouch stands ready to supply the most advanced options at a very competitive price.


RUMS Software (ReliTouch User Management Suite):

  • Allows an unlimited amount of Admin Users to operate the Management Program
  • Works with an unlimited number of ReliTouch Locks
  • Comes with Management Software, USB Fingerprint Scanner Device, and USB Thumb Drive

This programming kit option is perfect for any business or project where tracking user time & attendance and setting user access schedules are of paramount importance (tracking time & attendance is not possible without the use of a programming kit). This management kit can be used as a remote registration device so users can be enrolled on a PC/laptop instead of having to be manually enrolled at each separate lock. This system allows admin users to be entered into the program’s system. Each admin user can enroll new users via fingerprint, passcode or both. They can setup access rights per user and per lock. They can access user/employee attendance logs and many other features. Any additions or changes to one or any number of locks can be done on the control PC. All data is transferred to and from the PC to the locks via a simple to use USB thumb-drive. All the compiled time & attendance data can be exported into a text or Excel spreadsheet for easy tracking by the payroll or HR department.





Biometric Access Control and User Management Features

  • One-of-a-kind user control…
    • Easy to Delete Individual users
    • Up to 1,000 fingerprint users (3 fingerprints per user), or
    • Up to 1,100 pin code users (any PIN-code length per user), or
    • High-Security Access (1:1) – User ID+PIN or User ID+Fingerprint
    • Each user can be set up with any of these access methods, per user, per lock
    • There is no standalone biometric door lock available on the world market with this much control
  • Programming Methods…
    • At the lock using the LCD
    • At a PC using the PCMU
  • Access Control features…
    • Open Mode - Allows lock to remain unlocked when necessary
    • Fingerprint Sensitivity Mode - Configurable to balance ease-of-use and security requirements
    • Timed Lock Access
    • Timed User Access
    • Import Records
    • Export Records

Commercial Grade Features

  • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Heavy Duty electromechanical components rated to over 1.2 million cycles
    • UL-Listed, ANSI Grade 2 tubular latch with 3-hour UL fire-rating
    • Adjustable backset (2 3/8" and 2 3/4")
    • Commercial grade 6-pin rim cylinder (able to be removed) with SC4 keyway (3 keys included)
    • Free-wheeling clutch design
    • 100% weatherproof - this lock can be placed in adverse weather without the fear of damage caused by moisture, snow, dust, UV, or humidity
    • IP-56 rating
    • Rated for -40F to 150F
    • Impact Alarm – if lock is attacked and loses contact with the door, a screeching alarm will sound
  • Commercial Power Options...
    • Non-volatile memory will not be lost when batteries are removed or replaced
    • Lock can also be hardwired to run full-time on AC by standard 12V DC power supply
    • Batteries will serve as back-up in case of power outage
    • 4AA batteries to operate (recommend Li-AA batteries for longest life)
    • Estimated battery life is 10,000-20,000 cycles
    • Low battery alert
  • Building and Code Compliance...
    • ADA Compliant Handle - Click To Learn More about ADA Compliant
    • HIPAA compliant
    • CE, FCC, UL, ANSI & IP Certified
    • Non-handed design



Scanner CMOS Optical
Number of Users 1,000 User
Scanning Time < 1 Second
Recognition Time < 1 Second / User
False Accept Rate < .01%
Power Supply 4 AA or 12VDC
Dimemsions  1.5" x 3" x 9.5"
Weight 11 LBS
Door Thickness 1 1/2" to 2"
Operating Temperature           -40F to 150F
Handedness non-Handedness



  • ReliTouch front and rear bodies
  • Override keys
  • Manual and installation templates

Product Videos


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