BioBolt Evo3 Biometric Deadbolt

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Unlocking Methods:
Fingerprint, Code and Mechanical Key
Latch Style:
Fingerprint User Capacity:
99 (2 template per user)
Password Capacity:
78 (minus fingerprint users)
Password Length:
8 digits
Working Temperature:
-4°F / 140°F
Door Thickness:
1 3/8" to 2 1/2"
Reversible Handle:
For both left and right hand doors
Audit Trail Capable:

Product Overview

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BioBolt® EVO3 is the world’s leader in biometric deadbolt security for your home and office! Great for front doors!

  • 99 Fingerprint User Capacity
  • Fingerprint, Pin, or Key Access Methods
  • ALL Weather with Ansi 2 Deadbolt Latch
  • Stand-Alone (No PC Required)
  • Add/ Delete Individual Users Directly on the Lock!

The BioBolt evo3 features a 100% all metal lock body. It has no plastic short cuts like other locks on the market. As a result of its heavy duty construction it can be used indoors and outdoors in all four seasons. The metal slide cover protects the newly designed fingerprint scanner. It’s improved optical scanner hardware and algorithm provides quick, reliable all weather high performance. It has the capacity to hold 99 different fingerprint users, making it ideal for any home or small company. Whether needed for outdoor or indoor protection, for home or office access control the BioBolt evo3 is the perfect security solution for today’s heightened security demand.

Residential Deadbolt

The BioBolt evo3 is a wonderful security upgrade to any door. If there is a deadbolt lock on a door with an ornate or decorative handle there is no reason to remove the handle. You can just replace the US standard hardware store bland deadbolt lock with a BioBoltEvo3. The lock was design as a “DIY” product that seamlessly fits right in the door hole left by the ordinary deadbolt lock. It comes in 4 popular colors so matching the BioBolt evo3 to your door hardware will be a snap. It allows a home owner to keep the aesthetic beauty they desire while adding contemporary high security to their door. The lock has two very useful ways of enrolling fingerprints. Family members can be quickly setup in the lock all at one time. When a temporary user needs to be enrolled like a babysitter or gardener, their fingers each get a 3 digit ID# which allows for them to be deleted quickly and easily right from the pin pad. While generally used to protect home entrance doors this sophisticated device works exceptionally well indoor too. By installing a BioBolt evo3 you can turn an average closet into a biometrically secured gun or alcohol safe. With so many industry leading features the BioBolt evo3 is a superb addition to any home.


  • DIT install - no drilling needed!
  • Fits a USA standard 2-1/8" diameter hole with a thickness of 1-3/8" - 2-1/4”
  • Ansi Grade 2, FCC, CE certificates
  • UL 1034 - Click To Learn More about UL 1034
  • Warrington Fire Research Approved - Click To Learn More about Warrington
  • Add / delete individual users directly on the lock!
  • Stand alone (no PC required) - battery operated
  • 99 fingerprint user capacity – 78 pin number users
  • Fingerprint, Pin, or Key Access methods
  • ALL weather biometric deadbolt - Operating Temp: -4 ° to 140 ° F
  • Easy setup and enrollment process
  • No software required - Management performed on lock directly
  • 4 AA battery with approximately 5,000 uses before replacement
  • Sliding weather cover triggers sensor to power on automatically
  • Fingerprints will not be lost if batteries fail
  • Low battery warning alert
  • Includes both : 2 3/8 or 2 3/4 inch deadbolt backsets
  • High grade durable sensor with 560 dpi



  • BioBolt EVO deadbolt front and rear bodies
  • Standard Deadbolt Backset(2 3/8" & 2 3/4")
  • four (4) US Standard KW1 manual override keys
  • Manual and installation templates


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  • 5

    Posted by Alexandre Henrique on 25th Mar 2018

    I have for years the BioBolt Evo3 Biometric Deadbolt here in my house in Brazil.
    It is an excellent lock that gives comfort and security.
    It was a purchase that pleased me a lot and so I am a loyal customer sinde then!

  • 3
    Works fine but doesn't read all prints

    Posted by Scott on 15th Feb 2016

    The device installs and works as advertised. Only issues are it seems to have a pretty short bolt, and it doesn't read the fingerprint of the person for whom I got the device for in the first place so pretty much a fancy deadbolt where she has to use the key. She's older but has pretty clean prints. It would get a better rating if not for this singular issue....

  • 5
    Works well even in Minnesota!

    Posted by Gabe on 31st Jan 2016

    I bought this lock for easy access for my daughter when she comes home from school. No keys to worry about or get lost. She uses her fingerprint or punches in the code. I was waiting to review it until it got really cold, because it really functions fine in all other situations. My door does not have a storm door and the outside of the lock is exposed to the elements. It still works great even when -20 degrees. When it gets cold it was suggested to me by the manufacturer to blow hot air on my finger, before using the fingerprint scanner. In most cases that works fine and sometimes it might a second try. I situations where I may not want to blow on my finger again. I just punch in the the numeric code, and it works. Overall, I am really impressed with this lock. The true test for me was how it was going to work in the extreme cold and it does just fine. I don't feeling having to punch in the code sometimes is that much of a deal killer. Besides all I really have to do is breathe hot air on my finger tip again. If it doesn't work first time. OH! That reminded me. The only change I would make to the lock, is to have the numbers light up too. I can't see them at night, so I just feel where the proper number is like a 10 key pad. Still not that big of a deal to me though.

  • 5
    Excellent replacement for old BioAxxis BD1 fingerprint deadbolt

    Posted by Grant Eaton on 22nd May 2015

    Our old BioAxxis BD-1 died after 7-8 years. This lock perfectly covers its old footprint and does not require new mounting holes. It perfectly covered "tan lines" on our wooden door where the BD1 used to sit. It's a better look closely with faster recognition and better features than our BioAxxis.