Actatek Door Access Control

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Product Overview

Why ACTAtek?

The new, third generation Actatek provides access control throughout a facility, ensuring employees and visitors alike only have access to approved areas. The ability to mix a variety of authentication technologies, including PIN, Proximity/Smart Card and Biometric, the ACTAtek system can be tailored to fit the security needs of any environment. To learn more about what access control is, please click here.

What are the different ACTAtek options available?

The following list is comprised to help with your ACTAtek3 decision. Please also feel free to call us today to speak about which option would be best for you at 866-400-9292. Some options are special order.

  • ACTA3-1K-P-S-M : Mifare Smart Card/Fob and Pin Code Only
  • ACTA3-1K-P-S-M-C : Mifare Smart Card/Fob and Pin Code Only with Camera Option
  • ACTA3-1K-FLI : Fingerprint and Pin Code Only
  • ACTA3-1K-FLI-C : Fingerprint and Pin Code Only with Camera Option
  • ACTA3-1K-FLI-S-M : Fingerprint, Mifare Smart Card/Fob, and Pin Code Only
  • ACTA3-1K-FLI-S-M-C : Fingerprint, Mifare Smart Card/Fob, and Pin Code Only with Camera Option
  • ACTA3-1K-P-S-Hp : HID Prox, Prox II Smart Card/Fob and Pin Code Only
  • ACTA3-1K-P-S-Hp-C : HID Prox, Prox II Smart Card/Fob and Pin Code Only with Camera Option
  • ACTA3-1K-FLI-S-Hp : Fingerprint, HID Prox, Prox II Smart Card/Fob and Pin Code Only
  • ACTA3-1K-FLI-S-Hp-C : Fingerprint, HID Prox, Prox II Smart Card/Fob and Pin Code Only with Camera Option
  • ACTA3-1K-P-SHi : HID iClass Smart Card/Fob and Pin Code Only
  • ACTA3-1K-P-SHi-C : HID iClass Smart Card/Fob and Pin Code Only with Camera Option



Where can I find more information about ACTAtek?

Frequently Asked Questions about door access control, model and accessories options, pricing, software information and more can be found at .


actatek gate access-control


  • Instant Notifications via SMS or E-mail upon User Authentication
  • Optional Built-In Video and Still Camera to use with DVR System
  • Up to 1,000 Users on Base Model
  • Mifare or HID Card Access Options
  • Fingerprint, PIN, Card, plus Mix and Match Access Methods

Access Control, Video Surveillance, Time Attendance, PayRoll, and Work Force Management Hardware Platform for Software Developer and System Integrators

  • Easy to integrate using the ACTAtek SOAP-based middleware such as the Access Manager, Agent
  • Web-based any time - anywhere access, control and administration secured by fingerprint, PIN, RFID smart card, authentication with photo taken as an option
  • Multilingual web pages and message display on full-colored LCD screen
  • Instant notification via SMS or email upon user authentication
  • Support a wide range of RFID smart card from Mifare, HID iClass and Proximity, Sony Felica, EM, Legic, Cepas, barcode
  • Optional built-in video and still camera, allowing video surveillance and direct BNC output to DVR and analog monitor



Model: Fingerprint Only  
Smart card Only  
Fingerprint + Smart card  
Fingerprint Enrollment Yes No Yes
Built-in smart card reader No Yes Yes
Built-in web & database server Yes Yes Yes
Number of users 1k/3k/5k
Size 6.9 x 3.3 x 1.5 inches
Weight 15.8 ounces
Max. Transaction records stored 75000 log for 1k,. 3k, 5k user model
10000 log for 10k, 15k, 20k user model
Static IP address assignment Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic IP address assignment Yes Yes Yes
Power Over Ethernet (Built-In) Available on certain models only
Resolution of LCD 2.8' 64K/256K color TFT screen
320 x 240 pixel resolution
Non-volatile memory 256MB
Computer OS support Mac OS
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone OS, Linux PC
Valid Characters for employee ID 0-9, A-C (max. 16 characters)
Programmable function key support F1, F2, F3, F4
Authentication time < 1 Second
Auto-match users 1:500 (1:N) FAM mode l
(compatible with ACTA2)
1:3000 (1:N) FLI model
Multi-lingual Support Yes Yes Yes
Encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Expert Report CSV / Text file
I/O interface RS-232/RS-485
Wiegand 26bit output
(Optional: External I/O board)
Network interface 100BaseT Ethernet (built-in) / SNMP support
GSM /G P RS, Wi-Fi (*additional device is required)
Operating temperature -20°C to 50°C
Modes of authentication Fingerprint, Smart card, PIN
Smart card + PIN
Smart card + Fingerprint
ID + Fingerprint
The ACTAtek has a camera that can take a snapshot of access and use.

Internal CMOS Camera

The CMOS camera is a module that is factory installed into the ACTAtek. With this module, that ACTAtek takes a snapshot anytime someone attempts to enter the area/facility. The subsequent photo is then stored with the event record inside the ACTAtek and viewed via a web browser.

MSRP: $200

Logiprint allows for fingerprint enrollment from a desk to the ACTAtek.

LogiPrint Remote Registration Device (USB)

The ACTAtek LogiPrint Remote Registration allows users to be registered at a computer workstation rather than at an ACTAtek unit.This device is particularly useful when dealing with many users and/or multiple access points.

MSRP: $299



Secure io prevent hotwires of the ACTAtek access control system.External I/O Board

Used with the ACTA3, the Secure IO is an accessory device which is primarily used to prevent forced entry.  By locating the relay that unlocks the door inside the secured area, the Secure IO can prevent “hot wiring” of the lock.  Additional IO functionality includes four assignable inputs for use with alarm disconnects, alarm/tamper triggers, Request-to-Exits and more!  We strongly recommend this option for all high security areas.

 MSRP: $179

The ACTA-Guard protects the actatek again nature and vandals.ACTAguard

The ACTAguard is a weather resistant, heavy duty stainless steel enclosure with a lexan window used to protect the ACTAtek from vandalism and harsh environments.


MSRP: $289

One stop shop for biometric door hardware needs. Complete Door Hardware

One-Stop-Shop for complete door hardware solutions. Options ranging from Strikes to Mags depending on the solution for your door access.  Used in conjunction with Access Control products. 

MSRP: ranges on solution

To learn even more about the ACTAtek 3rd Generation Access Control unit,

please visit the dedicated site at


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