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5.00 LBS

Product Overview


BioStar is the IP based access control system software that combined with Suprema biometric devices, distributes biometric data from networks either from an individual unit or network of them.  The software creates ease among Suprema products by providing the ability to control each device through the program instead of the biometric device, itself.

The BioStar RE Version comes free with every unit. This program gives the ability to do reports based on access and time and attendance, provides the ability to control work time calculations, program shift management on a weekly basis and holiday/leave.  The BioStar SE (Standard Edition) is a more robust program that offers the ability to create zones among the devices, a visual map, shift management on a Daily/ Weekly basis, roll call and more. The BioStar SE is used when you have 20 or more devices. This program is sold separately.  Please see the chart below for more information regarding these two versions of the BioStar Software.

  • Simple and easy installation with less wiring
  • Lower cost per door without conventional control panels
  • Flexible and extendible IP based system structure
  • Biometric security at the price of legacy card based systems
  • Flexible zone management for anti-passback and alarm
  • BioStar SDK for easy integration with third party systems
  • Maximum 512 doors
  • Maximum 512 devices
  • Server-client based (32 clients accessible)
  • 128 time schedules
  • 128 access groups
  • Zone

          Maximum 64 devices per zone

          Anti-passback, entrance limitation

          Alarm zone

          Fire alarm zone
  • Network Interface

         TCP/IP, RS485
  • Database

          MSDE (default), MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle
  • Supported Devices


         BioEntry Plus

         Secure I/O

BioStar BE (Free Version) Vs. BioStar SE (MSRP: $899)

Features BioStar
(Free S/W)
BioStar SE
(Standard Edition)
System License Free USB dongle
Server Matching N/A Yes
Max. Devices 20 512
Concurrent Client PC 2 32
Time Schedules 128 128
Access Groups 128 128
Anti-passback N/A YES
Zone N/A APB, Entrance Limit, Alarm,
Access, Fire Alarm, Muster Zone
Email Notification N/A YES
Roll Call N/A YES
Visual Map N/A YES
Event Monitoring N/A YES
Work time Calculation YES YES
Shift Management Weekly only Daily/Weekly
Holiday/Leave Management YES YES
Report YES YES
In/Out Board N/A YES

Featured Options

User Management

- Supports 4-level departments
- User search interface
- Multi-level administrator settings
- Customized authentication mode by user
- Records user card issuance log

Access Control

- Controls up to 128 access groups
- Controls up to 128 time schedules
- 32 holidays configurable

Door Management

- 4-Level door groups
- Controls up to 512 doors
- Set alarm feature by selected doors

Visual Map Monitoring

- Event group : 5 priority levels
- Alarm event management
- log viewing by event groups
- Event notifications
- Monitoring interface for doors and zones

Zone Management

- Fire alarm, alarm, anti-passback, entrance
limit and access zone
- Controls up to 32-device zones
- Alarm setting for selected zones
- View event log for selected zones

Device Management

- Configure access control devices & Secure
- RS485 supports up to 8 devices & 4 Secure
I/O’s Server matching
- Real-time monitoring of device connection
- Wizard-type device search interface
- Easy firmware upgrade and reset


- Daily / Individual summary and report
- Report by TA result (such as absence or late)
- Work hour displayed by time category
- Export in CSV and PDF


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