ACTAtek IP Card Reader

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Product Overview

ACTAtek IP Card Reader

ACTAtek External IP Smartcard Reader is a cost effective solution for access control and time attendance product which allows users to access its record from anywhere, at any time, and on any platform.

The IP Card Reader was designed to extend access control from an ACTAtek to an additional, smaller card access control system. It is compatible with any other model but being networked with a main ACTAtek is not required. While having an ACTAtek is not required it is suggested for easy card enrollment. Registration and card writing is via the master ACTAtek Unit. Cards registered via the master ACTAtek unit will be immediately readable at any readers which were registered with Access Manager. Once registered a user will be given access to secured areas with a swipe of a card.

What are the different options available?

The IP Card Reader is available in Mifare, EM, HID, HID iclass, or Hybri card options. This reader has full relay output ability to operate door control handled with a door strike or magnetic locking device.

The most popular card readers are listed below. Please call us with any questions or additional options at 866-400-9292

  • ACTA3er-1K-SM : Mifare Smart Card/Fob compatible
  • ACTA3er-1K-SHp : HID Card/Fob compatible
  • ACTA3er-1K-SHi : HID iClass Card/Fob compatible


Where can I find more information about the ACTAtek card reader and ACTAtek Options?

Frequently Asked Questions about door access control, model and accessories options, pricing, software information and more can be found at .










External IP Smartcard Reader Includes:

  • ACTAtek External IP Smartcard Reader Unit
  • Instructions CD Manual
  • 100MBaseT Network Jack [for connection to network (hub/switch)]
  • A 12V DC Switching Power Supply (Input: 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz) w/ jack



ACTAtek Cards and Fobs

Cards or fobs that are used to gain access in ACTAtek models with a built in card reader can be purchased in increments of 25. This mifare option is compatible with the model options available above.

If you are in need of HID or other ACTAtek and card compatibility types, please contact us at 866-400-9292.

Secure io prevent hotwires of the ACTAtek access control system.External I/O Board

Used with the ACTA3, the Secure IO is an accessory device which is primarily used to prevent forced entry.  By locating the relay that unlocks the door inside the secured area, the Secure IO can prevent “hot wiring” of the lock.  Additional IO functionality includes four assignable inputs for use with alarm disconnects, alarm/tamper triggers, Request-to-Exits and more!  We strongly recommend this option for all high security areas.

 MSRP: $179

One stop shop for biometric door hardware needs. Complete Door Hardware

One-Stop-Shop for complete door hardware solutions. Options ranging from Strikes to Mags depending on the solution for your door access.  Used in conjunction with Access Control products. 

MSRP: ranges on solution

To learn even more about the ACTAtek 3rd Generation Access Control unit,

please visit the dedicated site at



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