1Touch Evo3 Fingerprint Door Lock

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Unlocking Methods:
Fingerprint, Code and Mechanical Key
Latch Style:
Single Latch
Fingerprint User Capacity:
36 Standard / 75 High Capacity model (2 templates)
Password Capacity:
78 (minus fingerprint users)
Password Length:
8 bytes
4 High Security Dimple Keys
Working Temperature:
-4°F / 140°F
Door Thickness:
1 3/8" to 2 1/2"
Reversible Handle:
Audit Trail Capable:
Additional Audit Trail Software Available for AT Model

Product Overview


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  • Reversible Handle
  • Fingerprint, Pin, or Key Access
  • ALL Weather for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Add/ Delete Individual Users Directly on the Lock!

The 1Touch evo3 provides cutting edge security with modern design sophistication. It’s the perfect lock for homes, small businesses, and rental property. Stop fumbling around in your pocket or purse looking for keys. Now all you need is one touch to unlock your door. It provides the wonderful convenience of never needing to use a key when you have your arms full. This lock assures only the people you want to have access to your home or business can get in. No more worrying about a past babysitter or employee having a secret copy of your keys. The high tech look of the biometric scanner lock not only enhances the appearance of your door it helps to intimidate would be criminals. We designed this lock to be a “Do-it-Yourself” solution for anyone who can handle a screwdriver and 4 AA batteries. The 1Touch evo3 comes in 2 user capacities (36 or 75) providing flexibility for home or business owners.

Residential Convenience

The 1Touch evo3 allows 36 fingerprint and 78 passcodes users. It’s been a top seller for residential customers for years. This lock is designed to fit any US standard door. You can replace your current lock with a 1Touchevo3. Constructed with an all metal lock body these devices work just as well outdoors as they do indoors. With the quick & easy reversible handle design it’s a snap to move a lock from door to door or house to house if you move. The standard 1Touch evo3 (not the high capacity version) has the ability to record who opened the door and when. (Requires separately sold AT-Kit) If you want to know when the kids really came home Saturday night or when the contractors showed up for work then the 1Touchevo3 (audit trail capable) is the perfect product for you.

Security for Your Business

The 1Touch evo3-HC is the perfect lock choice for small businesses and rental property managers who appreciate convenience and functionality. Featuring a fingerprint capacity of 75 people & 78 passcodes (does not record openings) allows for the device to be implemented in a wide array of uses. It can serve as the primary access point for a clinic or shop. These biometric locks are popular in hospital and pharmacies as a means of locking up dangerous drugs. Managing the enrolled users is done easily by simply using the numeric pin pad. It’s perfect for rental units as you will never need to change out a lock or try to get the keys back from a delinquent tenant. You simply go to the lock & delete them in seconds. Rest easy knowing your office, server room, medical closet or rental unit is biometrically secured.




  • New! - ADA complaint Reversible Handle - ADA Compliant Handle
  • Access provided by fingerprint, Passcode & emergency keys
  • Rated for indoor & outdoor use
  • Designed for easy “DIY” installation
  • Best in class optical anamorphic scanner
  • Enhanced scanning technology adapts to changes in fingerprint conditions
  • Includes ANSI 2 rated latches, far more rugged than hardware store brands
  • Automatically relocks when door is closed
  • All metal housing provides long lasting durability & contemporary appearance
  • 4 laser cut dimple keys that cannot be copied or replaced
  • Unique “bump-proof “key cylinder
  • Easy to add & delete users right from the lock
  • No software or cables required to use
  • Uses 4 AA batteries
  • Has an audible low battery warning
  • Ansi Grade 2, FCC, CE certificates
  • Warrington Fire Research Approved - Click To Learn More about Warrington
  • UL 1034 - Click To Learn More about UL 1034




Door Thickness 1 3/8" to 2 1/2"
Outside Dimensions (Cover Down)          7 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" (not including handle)
Outside Dimensions (Cover Up)    10 1/8" x 5 4/5" x 2 9/10" (including handle)
Inside Dimensions (back lock body) 7" x 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" (including handle)
Unlocking Methods  Fingerprint, Code and Mechanical Key
Fingerprint User Capacity 36 Standard / 75 High Capacity model (2 templates)
Resolution 560 dpi
Anti static Voltage   >15000v
Working Temperature -4°F / 140°F
Password Capacity 78 (minus fingerprint users)
Password Length 8 bytes






  • 1Touch EVO Keyless /Fingerprint Door Lock front and back lock bodies
  • Standard door single latchs (2 3/8" & 2 3/4" included)
  • 4 manual override keys
  • Manual and installation templates


See all the items that are sent with any purchase of the 1TouchIQ2 audit trail kit. See who used the door lock and when.

Audit Trail Kit

The 1TouchIQ2 and 1TouchEvo Standard AT Version has the option to track who and when an enrolled person (either fingerprint or code) opened the door. In order to see the activity the Audit trail must be used. It is sold separately and can be found at: http://www.fingerprintdoorlocks.com/products/fingerprint-door-locks/1touchiq2-audit-trail-kit.php NOT CAPATIBLE WITH THE HIGH CAPACITY VERSION

MSRP: $149.00


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