How Neal Caffrey Breaks In

Crime Infographic with Neal Caffrey

How Neil Caffrey Would Break into Your House

Every 15 Seconds a home is robbed in the U.S.

01 Case The Joint – Top 7 Ways Criminal’s Enter Your Home

62% of burglaries occur during the day between 10am & 3pm. 34% Enter through the front door. 23% Enter through a 1st floor window. 22% Enter through the back door. 9% Enter through the garage. 4% Enter through the basement. 2% Enter through 2nd floor windows. 2% Enter through storage access.

02 Break In

Exterior doors that have more then 1/8th gap between the door and the door frame allow for easy access using tools. Spare keys are often hidden under the door mat, the planter by the window, or in a cheap looking fake rock. Most builder homes are built with cheap locks that could be opened with a credit card or screw driver.

03 Grab & Run

Burglars take no more then 60 seconds to break in. Once inside they spend only 12 minutes in the home. Most Stolen Items: Cash, Jewelry, Cameras, Laptops, Firearms, Electronics, and Silver

04 Don’t Get Caught

Police only catch about 1 out of 10 (or 13%) reported burglaries. Brought To You By: