LC200 Support


Frequently Asked Questions:


ReliTouch : How to install the ReliTouch lock

How many Users can the LC200 hold? 

The LC200 can hold 1000 users. 


Does the LC200 require a Pin Pad Code or Fingerprint authentication? 

The Lock can require a user to be authenticated with a fingerprint scan or pin pad code or it can require both fingerprint and pin pad code authentication for entry.  


If the batteries need replaced or the power is lost will all the users need to be reprogrammed?

No, if power is lost the stored information is not lost. 


What batteries does the LC200 run off of and is there a backup power supply?

Standard 4AA batteries or can be hard-wired with a 12V DC power supply (not included). If power runs out, in an emergency, a 9V battery can also be used to briefly power the keypad or biometric sensor.


Is the LC200 weatherproof?

100% weatherproof design; fully resistant to rain, snow, temperature extremes, humidity, UV and dust. Rated IP-56.


How would you know if someone tried to force entry with a LC200?

An even greater physical security, if an intruder attempts forced entry (bump-key, crowbar, etc.), a high-pitched impact alarm will sound.


How do I reset my LC200?


What door modifications need to be done to install the LC200?

  The LC200 fits US Standard door plus two additional bolt holes.

How do I install the Axel correctly to prevent the Lc200 from not working?


Can the keys for the LC200 be copied?

The cylinder was designed for swapping out for a Schlage Mortise Cylinder Type P, for easy key copying. (The is an aftermarket modification, please contact your local locksmith)


Will I need to choose if I want a left or right handed lock?

The LC200 has a reversible handle so you can install it on either a left or right handed door.


Does the LC200 need to be programmed to lock automatically?

Once the first Fingerprint is enrolled into the lock, then the door with lock automatically. 


How do I install the PCMU and Audit Trail Software?

Do you need a master code to change the lock sensitivity or date and time?

ID #’s, date and time setup and changing the lock sensitivity does not require a master code. Any lock smith can set this up for you without having to be enrolled into the lock.


Does the LC200 require both a PCMU kit and the AT kit? 

The LC200 can stand alone without a kit but it does not keep time and attendance without the AT or PCMU kit. 


Are the PCMU and AT kit sold separately?

The PCMU comes with an AT kit but the AT kit does not come with a PCMU. 


What is the difference between a PCMU kit and the AT kit? 

The PC Management Upgrade Kit Includes: 2GB flash drive, USB fingerprint scanner, Access Control and Audit Trail software; allows for programming at PC. The Audit Trail Upgrade Kit Includes: 2GB USB flash drive and user-friendly Audit Trail software; HIPAA compliant.

How does the AT kit work without the PCMU kit?

Each user has to be enrolled to each lock at each lock when using the AT kit without the PCMU.