DL210 Support


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I enroll my first user in the DL210?

How many Users can the DL210 hold?

The DL210 can be configured for up to 50 users.

Why is my unlock button working backwards?

If your unlock button is working backwards, then the tailpiece has been inserted wrong. Please Double Check that the tailpiece is inserted vertically.


If the batteries in the DL210 need replaced or the power is lost will all the users need to be reprogrammed?

No, if power is lost the stored information is not lost.


How do I confirm the DL210 was installed correctly?

How do I reset or factory default my DL210?

Can I get extra keys for my DL210?

For security, the keys for the DL210 cannot be duplicated and additional keys cannot be sent.


Why does the slide cover come off?

The slide cover is designed to be removed for easy access to the deadbolt lock.


Is the DL210 metal or plastic?

The DL210’s body is metal and the slide cover is plastic.


Will the DL210 automatically lock behind me?

The bottom lock does lock behind you. The deadbolt must be engaged for it to lock.