BioBolt X2 Fingerprint Lock Help


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I take the BioBolt X2 out of the package?

NOTE:  After receiving your BioBolt, take the styrofoam packaging out of the cardboard box. To ensure that product does not get damaged, follow the directions while holding both sides of the lock body or placing it on a soft surface.

1. Using a screwdriver, remove the one screw connecting both lock bodies to the styrofoam. (The screws are found on the back lock body or the side without the scanner.)

2. Using a screwdriver, remove the second screw connecting both lock bodies to the styrofoam.

3. Remove the lock bodies from the packaging. You are now ready to install your lock. 

NOTE:  The screws used to hold the lock in the packaging is not used for installation. 


How do I Set Up & Install a BioBolt X2?

How to Reset Biobolt

Does this fingerprint deadbolt lock automatically?

The Bio Bolt does not lock automatically. No Slug Deadbolt locks automatically. It requires that the deadbolt is manually locked, easily by pressing the * button. Scanning or applying a passcode does not lock the deadbolt.


Where do the BioBolt X2 keys go?

You remove the decorative cover from the key way using the black Magnetic Key Cover tool that came with the lock.


How do I change the batteries?

On the back lock body (the side of the lock without the scanner) find the battery cover. Take the screw out (located at the top of the back lock body) & replace the batteries.



BioBolt_SN_Back BioBolt_SN_Back_Battery

What kind of batteries should I use?

Any 4 AA batteries will work. We suggest for 1st time users get brand name new batteries like Energizer or Duracell.


How often should I change the batteries?

If in a conventional home setting you will be able to get several thousand uses out of a set of batteries. Though not required we do recommend you change batteries at the same time you change them in your smoke detectors or when you change your clocks. It's best to keep the batteries as fresh as possible.


If the batteries need replaced or the power is lost will all the users need to be reprogrammed?

No, if power is lost the stored information is not lost.


How do I know if the batteries are getting low?

When you slide the scanner cover up it will make a series of very quick beeps. That is the low power warning. 


Can you create a pass code smaller than 8 digits?

No, the deadbolt requires an 8 digit code.


Does each scan count as a user?

The scanner takes two scans per template but the second scans do not count against the total number of users.

Can I get more keys made for my BioBolt X2?

This lock comes with 4 KW1 keys. Normal hardware stores will be able to cut new keys necessary.


Is there a way to purchase a Bio Bolt X2 that has a scanner on both sides of the door?

No! This question is asked a lot by parents of special needs children who have special security requirements. There are legal limitations to selling anything that locks on both sides of a door.


How do I change the tailpiece on the BioBolt?