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Security plays a major role in today's ever-changing world that we live in. Its time you took your security to new levels to prevent crimes against your family, your home, and your personal assets. As the industry leader, understands by keeping ahead with state-of-the-art Fingerprint lock technology.

1Touch Evo3 Fingerprint Lock

The 1Touch Fingerprint Lock
  • Easy Installation
  • User Management
  • 36 Fingerprint or 75 Fingerprint Options
  • Weather Resistant
  • "Bump Resistant" High Security Dimple Keys
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Available Finishes:  Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass


The 1Touch series of locks have become the #1 chosen brand fingerprint and pin pad lock on the market. With its unique design, robust features, and unsurpassed quality it will continue to be the market leader for secure and convenient door access. After having sold 100,000’s of these locks over the last 5 years due to its easy Do-It-Yourself install and use; improvements have been made including adding a second version for audit trail. We are committed to providing quality locks that will offer solutions to your door needs.

BioBolt Evo3 Biometric Deadbolt Lock

BioBolt Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock
  • No Door Modification!
  • 4 Backup KW1 Keys
  • Sleek Subtle Design
  • 99 Users
  • Full User Management
  • Fingerprint, Pin and Key Capable
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Available Finishes:  Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Aged Bronze

Description: is committed to bringing quality fingerprint dead bolt solutions to the market. The BioBolt X2 deadbolt biometric lock incorporates a state of the art 3rd generation sensor technology allowing quick and convenient access to your home. Easy to program and easy to use, this fingerprint deadbolt will work in all weather conditions.


ACTAtek Access Control Unit

  • Web based server
  • From 1000-20,000 user models
  • TCP/IP, multi-unit setup
  • Fingerprint, Card Access or Pin
  • Weatherproof IP65 rated housing
$590 - $1390
*upgrades and accessories not included
Available Card Technologies:  Philips Mifare, HID Prox, HID iClass, Legic, EM and More...


The ACTAtek system's capabilities extend far beyond even the most sophisticated door locks. With the ACTAtek system, the times and days that a user has access can be fine tuned. Detailed logs are recorded each time someone attempt to access the area. All of this configuration and management can be performed using the same web browser that you are viewing this web page with!! No extra software, hardware of licensing is required.

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BioLite Solo

  • Sophisticated Biometric Access Control programmability.
  • Multiple access methods - Fingerprint, PIN, Fingerprint + PIN
  • 200 User Capacity
  • Standalone Operation
  • Superb IP65-rated protection
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*upgrades and accessories not included
Available Finishes:  Black


BioLite Solo is a simple standalone access control device providing biometric security and convenience brought to you by Suprema. Using a graphic LCD and a keypad, it is very easy to enroll or delete users right on the device without any PC connection. The BioLite's body structure has been comprehensively sealed against invasive moisture, dust and liquid.

DL210 Fingerprint Lock and Deadbolt

DL210 Fingerprint Lock and Deadbolt
  • Interchangeable with most standard handset & deadbolt locksets
  • Double security with latch and deadbolt
  • Fingerprint access for up to 50 users
  • 3 level user management
  • 5 selectable security thresholds
  • LED display/simple buttons for operation
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Available Finishes:  Satin Nickel with Black or Wood Slide Cover


The DL210 is a true innovation for USA lock standards. The DL210 biometric fingerprint door lock doubles your security by utilizing both a single latch and a deadbolt.  Utilizing the latest in Fingerprint sensor technology this lock is way ahead of the competition! The DL210 brings a whole new dimension to the world of secure keyless entry. Are you looking to replace your single latch lock and your deadbolt with a fingerprint door lock? If your answer is yes than this is your lock!

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